Courses & Training

We run a number of courses and training programs. Here’s a selection of recent courses:


True Cost Accounting Workshop  – 10 and 11 March 2017


This special workshop was conducted together with a member of the Henley Business School.  Participants were given the opportunity to take an analytical investigatory look at the true costs of various farming practices. The main comparisons being between resource-based ethical farming practices, and those that are focused purely on financial profit, looking at only direct costs while excluding environmental and social costs. 

Grass Roots Permaculture Course – Graduation 24 June 2017

Bi-monthly Saturdays 25 March till 24 June 

The Grassroots Permaculture Course was jointly organized by a member of the local community and Rosendal Permaculture Centre. The course objective was to introduce participants of all ages to the basic principles of permaculture. The workshop was structured and presented in a simplified and interactive manner to facilitate the philosophy and practice of Permaculture and its Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Surplus Share. Participants received certificates at the end of the course and various small-scale planting initiatives have since been undertaken by some learners at their homes. 


BANKSETA Immersion – 10 and 11 May 2017


This corporate engagement presented to BANKSETA nominees was a collaboration between the Henley Business School; Future Space Solutions and Sustainable Community Development. The immersion was held in various venues in Rosendal< Mautse and on Waaipoort Farm, home of Rosendal Permaculture Centre.  The course outcomes covered an introduction to permaculture farming and true cost accounting, including the practise of `triple bottom line accounting’. Merits of the ‘triple bottom line’ approach were work-shopped to bring about an appreciation of the social impact, environmental impact as well as the economic profit margin examination of conscious business practices. 


Quantum Agriculture Workshop – 9 April 2017

Hugh Lovell author of the books `A Biodynamic Farm` and `Quantum Agriculture.` Organised by Rosendal Permaculture Centre, Hugh Lovell conducted an introductory workshop on the system he has pioneered. The course introduced:


  • Biodynamic sequence – understanding how plants grow.
  • Biological growing – increasing life in the soil. 
  • Biodynamics – organising soil and atmosphere.
  • Quantum Agriculture technologies – attuning, harmonising and stabilising your farm and surrounding communities.