Animal Sterilisation Day with Cluny Animal Trust

Steri-Day – 10, 11 and 21 March 2018 

RPC members noticed many stray and malnourished animals in Mautse. A fundraising drive was mobilised and once over twenty-thousand Rand was raised the regional animal charity, Cluny Animal Trust was engaged to perform the intervention. 59 animals (dogs and cats) were sterilised, and many received rabies shots, de-worming and dipping. On the 21 March, members of the Cluny team, supported by RPC members collected the  the spade and neutered animals to have the stitchers removed.

A second Steri-Day was organised on January 26th and 27th 2019 and 56 animals were sterilised.

On-going animal sterilisations and community education in domestic animal care is necessary in the area and fundraising is on-going. Interventions will be performed whenever twenty-five thousand Rand has been reached. 

Rosendal Sterilisation

Capitec Savings a/c: 154-216-3348, branch code: 470010


School Fundraisers

SCD currently has a school fundraising programme in progress to implement food gardens at the local primary and secondary schools. The abnormally high occurrence of learners being unable to successfully get through their school work has been linked to poor nutrition. Both schools currently have daily feeding programmes; but unfortunately they serve high carbohydrate meals which are not an appropriate solution. Rosendal Permaculture Centre and the schools are in the planning phase to raise funds, support in kind and stimulate volunteerism in order to design and implement  a permaculture design that includes rain water harvest, food forest and vegetable garden. This will supplement the schools feeding scheme, and in time surplus may be sold to improve school facilities. 

Mandela Day – 67 minutes of volunteer work – 18 July

Rosendal Permaculture Centre (RPC) members began Mandela day activities with the Mautse community in 2016. The first group effort involved building a compost heap at the Mautse Cultural Village. Since composting is the foundation of garden fertility this programme was done as a participatory learning activity where six members of the community learnt the “lasagne composting” method. 

In 2018 RPC members joined the Mautse community for a special uplifting 67 minutes of volunteer work contribution on what would have been Mandela’s 100th birthday. Various tasks and commitments were allocated to parties at a general meeting held at the beginning of the week. Wednesday, 18th July 2018 saw a good turnout by the community and the schools where members of RPC planted seven tree saplings at Taung Secondary School, grown from seed at Waaipoort farm. Seven more tree saplings were donated to the community which were planted at the Mautse Primary School. 

Market day

At the local economic development initiative Rosendal Village Market we sell organic at origin Ugandan coffee beans which we import, seasonal vegetables and eggs, health drinks and soil and plant support organisms. The market takes place every last Saturday of the month and on other special weekends. Beautiful quality crafts are available, locally made cheeses, jams, soaps.

Movie Club

Mautse is plagued by poverty and the resultant social ills (teenage pregnancies, substance abuse and petty crime) that come with it. Our effort to assist in curbing poor self esteem issues we screen good black consciousness movies to the secondary school youths from time to time.