SCD is raising funds to further the aims of providing best practice models for a bio-regional and resource based economy. Interactive endeavours include, providing experiential training; consulting in permaculture and agro-ecological farming for the benefit of private and commercial farmers, communities and interested individuals. 

Agro-ecology is a proven alternative to large-scale agro-chemical monocultures. This rational approach plays a significant role in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; soil degradation and the extreme weather anomalies that have been created in part by inappropriate agricultural practices. 

Business operating income is derived through donor fundraising, training, product sales and consultation.

Some of the Initiatives and Projects that SCD supported

Rosendal Permaculture Centre

At Waaipoort Farm

Rosendal Permaculture Centre (RPC) – established 2015

SCD’s primary initiative is a flagship model of a best practice working farm situated on Waaipoort Farm in the eastern Free State. 

Community Engagement

In Mautse and Rosendal

“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person” Mother Theresa

SCD helps to set up sustainable human settlements,  so engaging with like-minded people, projects and initiatives are important!

Courses & Training

Passing on the knowledge and expertise

Passing on our acquired knowledge onto others is our passion and mission.

We run training programmes, courses, weekend seminars on a wide range of topics on Waaipoort Farm, or elsewhere.